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Here we go!!

notes.jpgFor faculty members Kai Kim and myself, going to Zambia seemed like a longshot at first. There were times over the summer when we didn't know if our funding would go through, and whether we would have permission to leave our school duties for the project. Well, it looks like everything's a go and it's finally hitting me--I'm going to Africa!!!!

I am so excited for the opportunity to assist in the educational exchange part of the program. Our intent is to determine exactly what our schools have to offer each other in the way of faculty and student exchange, and to implement the best of both for the benefit of all. There is so much we can learn from the Zambian people, not only in the visual art department, but in the areas of dance, theater, music, sociology, and anthropology. We are hoping to collect materials to bring back for curriculum development, to be shared by all the colleges in the Maricopa Community College district.

Next summer we will further our plans and hopefully get our exchange program scheduled. I know I would definitely not be opposed to teaching a workshop in Zambia!!

I am looking forward to meeting the people I am hearing so much about, and learning about their rich culture.

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