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Victoria Falls

BY GINGHER LEYENDECKER, LIVINGSTONE, ZAMBIA – (Sunday, August 13, 2006) The faculty members, Kai Kim, Jeanette Roe and I had a day that was the experience of a lifetime. First we went to the amazing Victoria Falls. It was simply incredible the volume of water that flows through, and the power you can hear in the roaring sound. We were soaked in mist that refracted rainbows all around. Some people were bungee jumping off the bridge that crossed the gorge, and others white water rafted at the bottom. I would like to be able to come back and do both someday!

rhinos.jpgNext we went to a national wildlife refuge. First we saw giraffes and impalas. Then monkeys and elephants (in the distance). We then hired a ranger who knew the migration of the animals, who took us in further. We came up on water buffalo, and he said we should keep our distance even in the car because they are the most dangerous animals in the park! Then we went to an abandoned training compound where baboons had taken over the area. Then, an experience that is hard to describe in its fullness. We came upon Zambia’s last two wide rhinos, an odd couple who were relaxing under a tree. The ranger told us to walk with him, and we got within a few feet of them! They were undisturbed and we stayed there in awe for a very long time. They were huge and beautiful. Finally we had to take the ranger back to his post. But first he took us to see zebra. As we were leaving I felt a little sad that we didn’t get to see elephants close up. Then, as we were about to leave the park, there they were—a herd of about twelve on the road and to the side! We actually had to wait there, they were blocking our exit—“trapping” us as Alan our driver said.

We got to eat at a traditional Zambian family restaurant on the way home. On the drive I was amazed to see people walking at all hours of the day and night, from town to town.

When we got to our resort, I finally got to eat the caterpillars, made by our chef Dowdi. They had been reconstituted and deep fried. They looked horrid all big and black, but I have to say—not bad!!

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