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September 28, 2007



BY PAMELA JO BOWMAN - MESA ARIZONA — We spent most of the summer preparing for a legal hearing. To pacify my mind, I began working on a production reel to remind myself why we chose to do all we did for the Zambia project. The following is still a work in progress. It continues to be a driving force as we try to produce a work of art for others and ourselves.

The Zambian project was, for me, one of the most life altering experiences I have ever encountered. I believe the crew members were motivated by much, much more than what they might benefit personally. We worked together and accomplished more than if we had worked alone. That in itself was a life lesson. I hope you can hear the voices of the many people who made this project what it was in "Hallelujah".

September 18, 2007

Load o' Poo

BY CYNDI GREENING, ARIZONA, USA — BY CYNDI GREENING, ARIZONA, USA — I've been getting such a load of poo lately for being slow about blogging. As you can imagine, I have had a lot of things going on. I can hear Pamela Jo already. "Oh come on, I know how much time you spend lolly-gagging." I was talking with my sister, Sandy, over the weekend and I was telling her how the whole hearing thing was really wearing on me. The pressure was becoming overwhelming. Sandy said she could tell it was wearing because of how my blogging had been. I was blogging less frequently and there just weren't as many amusing entries. I didn't know it was that transparent. I'd been trying to only write when I was feeling happy and positive. Apparently, my standards had fallen ... my idea of happy and positive just wasn't.

I feel like I've really rounded a corner now. The hearing is done. (All four agonizing days of it.) I know I've done all I could do. I gave it my best effort. Now, it's time to move on. Move forward.

Ironically, some really wonderful things have been happening. GREENing Productions has produced several new projects in the past few months. GL_DD_cover.jpgMy business partner, Pamela Jo (who is always complaining that I don't do enough), and I, have completed a wonderful two-part Art Instructional DVD. This was a project that I conceived over twenty years ago! I had said to my friend, Regina, "Wouldn't it be great if someone had recorded Socrates giving a lecture or, perhaps, Plato, discussing the Republic?" I wanted to do a series capturing gifted instructors sharing their knowledge and their skill. Gingher instructed, we used two cameras to shoot, Pamela edited, I prepped the DVD and did cover design for a wonderful six-part series on Charcoal Drawing. I've always felt like what we did (we fine and occupational art faculty) was really remarkable and that it was unfortunate that only people living in the Phoenix metro area were able to benefit from our efforts.

So, in 2005, when Thompson Publishing approached me about doing a DVD series, I was really excited. But, the amount of work and low, low, low, bargain basement royalties (8%) just didn't make it all that appealing to do more titles for them. On top of that, I was much more accustomed to a lecture structure with hands-on participation. So, the Cool School Interactus series just didn't quite cut it for me. So, we did our own series. And, I must admit, it turned out pretty dang sweet! There are a few other folks who are hoping to continue the series and we're excited to bring it to market. Next, we've got watercolor, portrait drawing and portrait painting coming out. It's all too exciting.

On top of that, we've got a documentary project that's just show up. It's about the Navajo Nation. I'm sure you're getting the awesome visuals in your head already. Canyon de Chelly. Hogans on the plateau. Sunrise. Sunset. DannyDVD.jpgThe timeless passage of life in the remote desert. I'm really excited about this project and I'm learning NOT to say anything too early because it's really in the nascent stage. Until we get a bit more committed to film, I'll have to keep it under my hat.

While we've been working on the new series, Jeniece has been working on editing the concert that Danny did for the Zambian National Arts Council last September. The final piece was about 40 minutes long. She also edited the FilmZambia Film Shoot that was held at the Le Triumph Dolphin Restaurant on 31 August. She did a really nice job with it. In addition to the two concert pieces, we were able to add his scene from the film AND the performance by his guitarist on set. The only thing left to do is the Color Correction and the Audio Mixing. Then I get to commit them to DVD. I've already finished the cover design.

September 14, 2007

Judgment Day

BY CYNDI GREENING, ARIZONA, USA — Well, today is my first Judgment Day. The MCCCD Hearing Committee met at 11:00 a.m. to begin deliberating my case. Who knows how long it will take them? The original hearing was scheduled for only one day but ultimately took four days. So, if that is any sort of a clue of how the deliberations will go, I'm anticipating a resolution some time next week. I've been on pins and needles all day and feeling a bit "jangly" ... awaiting the judgment of my peers. To complete this process, I will have to go through a total of three cycles of judgment. It begins with the non-binding recommendation of the Hearing Committee. Their recommendation goes to the Chancellor. The Chancellor then makes a recommendation to The Governing Board. That will be my Final Judgment with the Maricopa Community College Disrict. It will occur on October 23, 2007. So, only five more weeks until it's all sorted out.

Overall, I've got it a whole lot easier than Dante Alighieri's characters in his most famous work. DanteDetail.jpgDante gave us The Divine Comedy with the articulation of the Nine Circles of Hell. Literature aficionados and literate humans know that Dante also described the Seven Terraces of Purgatory and the Nine Spheres of Heaven. So, I've got it a whole lot easier than any of the folks traversing those worlds. They've got three times the frustration, agony and suffering for EACH level. It's all relative, I guess.

Lately, I've been obsessing about making a Fine Art book (like the one Dante is holding in the painting above). I want to hand-set type again and run pages and carved blocks through a Vandercook Press. I want to do a custom binding and a custom cover. With everything that's been going on, I've been writing a great deal. I've got a collection of short works I'd like to commit to paper. Maybe that's something I can do to make the next five weeks pass more peacefully. Maybe I could make a small edition and share them with some of the folks who have really agonized with me the last several months. They really deserve a whole lot more than a Fine Art book but ... heck, attorney fees and independent films have drained all my discretionary funds. I'll put up images as it develops.