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Judgment Day

BY CYNDI GREENING, ARIZONA, USA — Well, today is my first Judgment Day. The MCCCD Hearing Committee met at 11:00 a.m. to begin deliberating my case. Who knows how long it will take them? The original hearing was scheduled for only one day but ultimately took four days. So, if that is any sort of a clue of how the deliberations will go, I'm anticipating a resolution some time next week. I've been on pins and needles all day and feeling a bit "jangly" ... awaiting the judgment of my peers. To complete this process, I will have to go through a total of three cycles of judgment. It begins with the non-binding recommendation of the Hearing Committee. Their recommendation goes to the Chancellor. The Chancellor then makes a recommendation to The Governing Board. That will be my Final Judgment with the Maricopa Community College Disrict. It will occur on October 23, 2007. So, only five more weeks until it's all sorted out.

Overall, I've got it a whole lot easier than Dante Alighieri's characters in his most famous work. DanteDetail.jpgDante gave us The Divine Comedy with the articulation of the Nine Circles of Hell. Literature aficionados and literate humans know that Dante also described the Seven Terraces of Purgatory and the Nine Spheres of Heaven. So, I've got it a whole lot easier than any of the folks traversing those worlds. They've got three times the frustration, agony and suffering for EACH level. It's all relative, I guess.

Lately, I've been obsessing about making a Fine Art book (like the one Dante is holding in the painting above). I want to hand-set type again and run pages and carved blocks through a Vandercook Press. I want to do a custom binding and a custom cover. With everything that's been going on, I've been writing a great deal. I've got a collection of short works I'd like to commit to paper. Maybe that's something I can do to make the next five weeks pass more peacefully. Maybe I could make a small edition and share them with some of the folks who have really agonized with me the last several months. They really deserve a whole lot more than a Fine Art book but ... heck, attorney fees and independent films have drained all my discretionary funds. I'll put up images as it develops.