December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Cyndi!! We love you!

Cyndi and younger sister Sandy in the driveway on Grandma Greening's farm in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Sandy found the haircuts quite alarming ... Prince Valiant, anyone? The shoes are something else, too! Mine look a little large while Sandy's look a little on the tight side. Notice how her feet are punching up like bread rising in a pan. Sandy was one of my best buddies in my youth and continues to be one of my closest allies. Seeing the photo of the two of us is a terrific birthday gift!

Pamela, "BA" Bowman
Happy 50th birthday!
There are so many things I could tell the world about you. Nervous? You should be! Let’s see…

You are who you are and “you are quite clear” on what you want. What is unique about you is your ability to help others gain clarity on what they want. I have benefited from your constant teaching this year. You have given those you know such a profound gift of self. As you have given us a sense of who we are I have watched you discover more of who you are. It is true we call you the GT (giant toddler), but in truth we all need to be more childlike. We all need to accept and love people as they are. This empowers all to become more of who they are intended to be.

Thank you for all you have done this year. I am quite confident that your next half century’s contribution to the world will be very significant, valuable and LARGE! Your brilliance is shining brighter all the time. We are not blinded by the light, but guided by it.

Thank you Cyndi. I celebrate your life.
Always, Pamela

M.K. "Gypsy Punk" Racine
Joyeux Anniversaire, Cyndi!

This is the second year I have been able to be part of your birthday and I hope to continue this well into the future. You have come to be a major part of my life, Cyndi. Academically you enabled me to flourish in the creative and supportive environment you so patiently and consistently provided. And eventually, the technical expertise you supplied me with, met the creativity I had within. Thank you!

Professionally, you entrusted me in roles and responsibilities far beyond that of which I thought I was capable. Again, I learned from you not in a classroom, but in the openness of a country primed for growth and opportunity, a reflection of me. How can I possibly thank you enough?

Personally, Cyndi, you have become a dear friend, one who provides humor, words of wisdom, comfort, compassion, knowledge, a positive perspective, and timely wit, among so many other gifts.

I don’t believe there is a birthday gift ample enough to show my appreciation for you and the various ways in which you have enriched and impacted my life. This birthday I wish you all the happiness you can handle through the gifts of love, friendship, good fortune, success, prosperity, good health and all other gifts important to you. Thank you and Happy Birthday, Makumba!

Je t’aime! –MK

Carlos "Shake Shake" Espinosa
Feliz cumpleanos…

Cyndi, well what can I say, even though I have known you for quite a few years already, I have not formally said happy birthday to you, You always hide it so well.

The big Five-0; well you are young at heart. It has been a privilege to be one of your students, to learn from you, to be motivated by you, to get pushed like nobody has pushed me before and more importantly to have your friendship. You have given me many wonderful gifts in life and this I cannot repay you...thanks for everything you have done for me.

So far, you have accomplished great things in life, and it seems that you are just getting started, I hope to be part of many more birthdays and experiences.

Te deseo felicidad, prosperidad, salud, amor y dinero……Cheers!

Nick "Tick-Tock" Marshall


Well wishes for all birthday celebrations! Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge and honesty with me. You've been a patient teacher and a caring friend. I hope your birthday is joyful and fun.


Jared "Grace" Moschau
I wish you a happy birthday and the best big 5-0. You have been a great influence on me and have pushed me to do things that I wouldn’t make myself do and I am not the only one. You are a role model to everyone that is part of the crew and also like a mother. I appreciate everything you have done for me and the opportunities that you have given to me. I hope you have another 50 great years.
Happy B-day Cyndi,

Robby "NPB" Brown
Hey Cyndi, Happy Birthday…The way I see it, the glass is half full…love you, Robby!

Michael Montesa

Happy Birthday Cyndi. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for being my awesome mentor and for letting me work with you through all these years. Thanks for all the advice and thanks for being sweet and caring friend.




More birthday wishes to come throughout the WEEK!!!!
Alec "Sleeping Beauty" Hart
Jacob "Jacobo" Felix
Shawn "Nikolai" Downs
Edgar "Billie Jean" Rider
Heath "Karaoke King" McKinney

September 08, 2006

Production Crew Slideshow


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August 22, 2006

Shooting B-Roll

LusakaSunset.jpgBY JARED MOSCHCAU LUSAKA ZAMBIA AFRICA – Yesterday we were shooting at our lodge. This was cool because we didn’t have to haul equipment anywhere. It is everyone’s responsibility to get the equipment set up. So after we had set up the different sets in different rooms we were able to go out and about. I took the opportunity to explore the area by myself. After being with the crew for 14 days, 24 hours a day I felt I needed some alone time. It felt good to be myself. Then when I was by myself I had time to think about what I miss back home. That isn’t always a good thing.

Today we have a change of assignments. The document crew is going out to get B-shots. I am going to run the Panasonic. I am pretty excited about this opportunity. It is always fun to work as a team to get footage.

Tomorrow is another shoot at another set. We will see how it goes then.

August 16, 2006

Getting the Shot

JARED MOSCHCAU LUSAKA, ZAMBIA AFRICA – Today has been a very exciting day! We were able to film several scenes for the feature. It is was great that we didn’t have any issues or problems throughout the day with the equipment.

Last night I approached Cyndi about my role on the film. After a discussion, I have been moved from the feature film as a boom operator to the position of unit photographer for the documentary. I love it! It is exciting, busier and more rewarding. Cyndi and the crew give me feedback. Sometimes they tell me how I can improve the shot, sometimes they tell me how bad a shot is and then a magical moment happens. A picture that I took comes up and everyone says “WOW, what a great picture.” I can’t help smile because I took that picture! I cannot tell you how great that makes me feel.

Another thing I have been enjoying is watching the other crew members do their work. Ginger has made some amazing portraits of the actors. We all want one! It doesn’t help that she feels bad she isn’t able to make one of everyone. Gingher and Kai are both leaving tomorrow. We are just getting used to working all together and now some are leaving. It makes me realize how fast the time is going.


August 01, 2006

Film Zambia Crew


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June 24, 2006

Who We Are

BY THE AFRICAN VOICE DOCUMENTARY FILM CREW, MESA, AZ, USA - The last week, we worked on a short video to give people a sense of who we are and why we're doing what we're doing. Three of the editors put together versions of varying length.

WhoWeAreSm.jpg SHAWN DOWNS put together the Who We Are in Two Minutes movie. Shawn recently graduated from Arcadia High School and will be going to the LA Film School upon his return from Zambia. Shawn is an excellent cinematographer, gaffer and all-round crew member. Shawn had a short film in the PHOENIX FILM FESTIVAL 2006. I'd count on seeing great things from him in the future.

WhoWeAreMed.jpg LINDSEY BLACK crafted the Who We Are in Five Minutes. Lindsey graduated from Mesa Community College. She has made numerous short films and is looking to build a career in the independent film industry. Lindsey enjoys acting, editing and producing. Already a Sundance veteran, Lindsey is looking forward the 2007 festival. She learned a great deal about networking at the last festival from actor, Adam Scarimbolo.

WhoWeAreLong.jpg MICHAEL MONTESA completed the Who We Are in 17 Minutes. Another Sundance veteran with a commitment to work in the independent film world, Mike is a respiratory therapist by vocation and photographer/cinematographer by avocation. Mike has won several awards at the annual Mesa Community College Art Show. In addition to being a great on-set photographer, Mike loves designing movie poster and DVD case covers. His designs are terrific.

June 15, 2006

Getting to Know the Real Africa

jared.jpgBY JARED MOSCHCAU, MESA, ARIZONA, USA - I am very excited about working with everyone on this film. I haven't been able to make it to the last couple of meetings because of work priorities. I feel very fustrated about not being able to put 100% toward this project because of the time consumption of travel time and work. But once in Zambia I will be able to put out 110% to what needs to be done.

This is such a new experience for me because I have never left the country before and now I'm going to Zambia. I feel that I should be worried or nervous about what might happen while we are there, but I'm not. Especially since I recently have watched SAHARA and LORD OF WAR with corrupt governments, but Cyndi has explained that a lot of the African countries are civil countries.

At the next few meetings we will be having classes about what we are wanting to accomplish and how to fix what needs to be fixed. I always look foward to these types of classes, because I always learn something that makes me better. Also I'm looking foward to learning about what we need to wear when we are in the villages, how we should act and what we can say around certain people.

I'm very thankful I am part of the team and am looking forward to helping obtain the goals of the project. I'm looking forward to getting to know the "real" Africa. Not just the Africa on the news or in the movies.