August 06, 2006

Godspeed and Take Care of My Big Sis

BY SANDY BOWE, CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN — On behalf of myself and my family, we want to wish you the very best as as you embark on your African Adventure. What a marvelous opportunity you will have to showcase the many talents you all possess. I ask all of you to keep an eye on and take care of my slightly older sister. Unfortunately because I live so far away from my very talented, yet very admired sister, I have to rely on others to be her support system as I am unable to provide that directly to her. I look forward to seeing your completed project. Good luck to all of you - I will keep all of you in my prayers. Be safe and Godspeed.

June 24, 2006

Who We Are

BY THE AFRICAN VOICE DOCUMENTARY FILM CREW, MESA, AZ, USA - The last week, we worked on a short video to give people a sense of who we are and why we're doing what we're doing. Three of the editors put together versions of varying length.

WhoWeAreSm.jpg SHAWN DOWNS put together the Who We Are in Two Minutes movie. Shawn recently graduated from Arcadia High School and will be going to the LA Film School upon his return from Zambia. Shawn is an excellent cinematographer, gaffer and all-round crew member. Shawn had a short film in the PHOENIX FILM FESTIVAL 2006. I'd count on seeing great things from him in the future.

WhoWeAreMed.jpg LINDSEY BLACK crafted the Who We Are in Five Minutes. Lindsey graduated from Mesa Community College. She has made numerous short films and is looking to build a career in the independent film industry. Lindsey enjoys acting, editing and producing. Already a Sundance veteran, Lindsey is looking forward the 2007 festival. She learned a great deal about networking at the last festival from actor, Adam Scarimbolo.

WhoWeAreLong.jpg MICHAEL MONTESA completed the Who We Are in 17 Minutes. Another Sundance veteran with a commitment to work in the independent film world, Mike is a respiratory therapist by vocation and photographer/cinematographer by avocation. Mike has won several awards at the annual Mesa Community College Art Show. In addition to being a great on-set photographer, Mike loves designing movie poster and DVD case covers. His designs are terrific.

May 31, 2006

An African Contributes Greatly to Chippewa Falls

SandyMoustapha.jpgBY SANDY BOWE, CHIPPEWA FALLS, WISCONSIN, USA - I have been drawn to experience the journey of Jabbes' Zambia Project BAD TIMING via the internet. My sister called me in early February to ask me to watch Jabbes Digital Story. She told me that he had asked her to produce the first feature film in Zambia with him. I could tell she was going to do it. She told me how talented and determined Jabbes was and how much he wanted to do for his country. Cyndi was inspired and eager to work with him.

Just like my sister, I have been fortunate to meet and work with a wonderful, talented man from Africa. Moustapha, an awesome man from Senegal, joined our teaching staff at Chippewa Falls Senior High School this past school year. He teaches the beautiful French language to students in grades 10–12. His enthusiasm and knowledge has been embraced by our students and staff. What a gift we have received! This wonderful man has been with us just one year and he has definitely become a very popular teacher!

I have shared the Zambia Project articles with Moustapha and he is anxious to meet Jabbes this summer when he comes to Wisconsin. I look forward to seeing these two wonderful men connect and share stories about their lives in Africa, their experiences in the U.S. and their thoughts about the future. I am certain we will all learn a great deal by simply listening to their discussions. On top of that, I'll get to see my sister who is near and dear to my heart always! I'm sure we'll have some interesting discussions as well.

I am so very proud to say that Cyndi is my "slightly older and sometimes wiser sister." Like Jabbes, I have looked to her as my "mum" on occasion. The depth of her drive and determination does not surprise me as she always strives for success. She has always been a source of support, inspiration, and love when I needed it most. I wish Cyndi and Jabbes the very best in this exciting endeavor. I will keep both of them and the students in my prayers.

Until we all meet later this summer, Moustapha, the students at Chippewa Falls Senior High School and I will follow this incredible journey with great enthusiasm and support."