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Film history in Zambia


I stand to be corrected by my good friend Mr. Angel Phiri of MUVI TV that its not the first feature film in Zambia but the first was TOUCH OF THE SUN by Eddie Manda with the guy in gladiator... Oliver Reed.

How could I have forgotten (dullo youngster then) they actually used my dad's antique car the Impala Chevrolet classic in this movie and we kept on cursing the guy driving it cuz he drove it like a madman in the bush.

The next film was RED FLOWER featuring that confused rasta colored graphic artist, Teelo Ross. Teelo even designed a sticker saying..."DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE BECAUSE YOU WILL SPILL THE BEER". He never did I just want to bully him. There were more attempts by some copperbelt guys and other movies not heard of. Its a good start for Jabbes and he likes Jabbes persistance and ego.

I'm looking forward to the last scene where Gino terminates his involvement with Don Pelekan (Augustine Lungu) cuz he's a mean, mean man (chi foreigner).


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