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September 09, 2006


I would like to congratulate you on the initiative to put us on international map. You have the talent, we just need a lot more exposure.

Countries that have just developed their film industry are far far much ahead of us. I hope we will reach a stage where actors can earn a living out of acting as this will motivate them further.

You have our support and blessings.

September 02, 2006

Celebrating the Conclusion


BY CYNDI GREENING, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – I am happy to report that we have finished filming BAD T!MING! One of the last scenes we did was the concert scene with Zambian singer/songwriter Danny. There's a jubilant scene at the end of the film that Unit Photographer Mike Montesa captured beautifully. The cast and crew were happy to bring the house down afterwards because we were finally done, done, done.

Now the post production work begins. Everyone keeps asking us when they'll see the film. We explain that the editing will be taking us at least a couple of months. Then there's the sound mixing and all that sort of post "sweetening." We tell them it will probably be January. They look sad. I hope they'll be happy when they finally see it.