July 20, 2007

Bad Timing @ The Dolphin Restaurant

Hello Cyndi & Crew,

Greetings from Le Triumph Dolphin. This is where we filmed Danny's performance. My name is Santosh, the owner and I got the address from Sotiris (Gino Bonano).

I was wondering if you could give me any info on the film as to when it'll show or if we could get a copy of it. I also extend my warmest invitation to you whenever you are in Zambia... you are welcome at our place.

Looking forward to your response.


May 09, 2007

Helloooooooooooo Cyndi

Hi Cyndi

Long time no hear. Hope you guys are all fine coz we are.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and also to try and find out how did BAD TIMING do at the Sundance Film Festival and how is Mr. Jabbes????

You can email me on and my mobile number is +260 97 7 848 420.

Take care and greetings to your wonderful crew.

Gino Bonano

October 11, 2006


BY SOTIRIS CHRONIS, ZAMBIA - Hello to all of you! Firstly, I wish you all the luck for the documentary and film and really hope that you can make it stand out at the Sundance Film Festival. Just by watching how you were working, gave me the confidence that a good movie & (especially) documentary is in the making. Whatever the result, Zambia will be recognised at such a high level and I feel so proud to be part of it and anxious for the 2007 awards day. I just have a funny feeling that something is going to come out of one of them and I know what that'll mean to all of you... I know for sure what it will do for us Zambians.

I wish you could come back to Zambia soon, to work with other people and support them in their dreams to reach that level which is needed so much and to encourage them not to give up. Just know that you are always welcome and you can count on me. Missing you guys.

September 09, 2006


I would like to congratulate you on the initiative to put us on international map. You have the talent, we just need a lot more exposure.

Countries that have just developed their film industry are far far much ahead of us. I hope we will reach a stage where actors can earn a living out of acting as this will motivate them further.

You have our support and blessings.

August 29, 2006

Bola (football) at Barclays Sports Complex


Hey Guys!

I'm blogin from my bed, since my injury from football on Saturday (must be old age or posing too hard for the cameras).

I'm fine... just sprained my knee and it's all swollen ans stuff. I look funny on crutches but what the heck... life goes on.

I am so glad you made time to get out of your busy filming schedule to socialise with others coz it would be so boring to be doing the same ole things every day.

The next adventure I have for you is to go to Adventure City (our version of a miniature waterworld) and hopefully the whole cast will join us so we can get to know each each better (typical Zambian saying). We can let off some steam by playing water games or even better... paint ball war (ouch for some???).

Time is running out and soon you'll be leaving. Let's capture every last moment together so that next time you come to Zambia you have more time to see many places at your own time.

I bet Livingstone must of stunned everyone, now you know why I'm sooo confused (cuz I was born there). Did you know that that's where they invented Hyundai, Hamburger, Honda and a lot more.

So if ever you forget my name "Sotiris"... being a Tonga, you can call me "Hatiris"

See you all soon


August 25, 2006

Film history in Zambia


I stand to be corrected by my good friend Mr. Angel Phiri of MUVI TV that its not the first feature film in Zambia but the first was TOUCH OF THE SUN by Eddie Manda with the guy in gladiator... Oliver Reed.

How could I have forgotten (dullo youngster then) they actually used my dad's antique car the Impala Chevrolet classic in this movie and we kept on cursing the guy driving it cuz he drove it like a madman in the bush.

The next film was RED FLOWER featuring that confused rasta colored graphic artist, Teelo Ross. Teelo even designed a sticker saying..."DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE BECAUSE YOU WILL SPILL THE BEER". He never did I just want to bully him. There were more attempts by some copperbelt guys and other movies not heard of. Its a good start for Jabbes and he likes Jabbes persistance and ego.

I'm looking forward to the last scene where Gino terminates his involvement with Don Pelekan (Augustine Lungu) cuz he's a mean, mean man (chi foreigner).

August 23, 2006

Sundance... Here Comes Zambia



Gino Bonano here and missing you guys.

I am soooo happy that this is finally happening for our LOST COUNTRY and all thanks go out to the history makers...Jabbes and Samuel ... this is another natural wonder of the world after my hometown Livingstone's Mighty Victoria Falls. Bow down Zambians cuz this will open a lot of doors for all.

If only we were more united in our crazy world, but instead most people have Ph.D. degrees and not from studies but degrees in "Pull Him/ Her Down". WHEN WILL THE JEALOUSY STOP???

When Tsotsi was being made in South Africa, there was so much support from everyone, radio, TV, posters and in general, everyone was proud of it.

The least you can all do is to go on the website browse and if you have a bit of time, send a small message. When something is a hit, then everybody wants to be part of it. Remember Cherise in the Big Brother house... politicians attacked her first then even the churches attacked her but she had a presidential welcome. Lindiwe was the next victim before winning Idols Africa.

Where is our government, Ministry of Tourism especially the Visit Zambia Campaign crew and the media support for history in the making? The media should make the making of the making of the documentary for the film (if that makes sense). Q-FM... you have Live Outside broadcasting, use it man! This could be a great platform for electronic and print media competition. Muvi TV, you're new and full of fresh ideas since your competitors (no offence ZNBC) have been around for so long -- capture this moment and make something out of it. In the end Zambia is the winner you know. Anywhere in the world when you help someone, they will thank you so imagine how patriotic you'll be if you help these guys. Even the Bible says you should help without expecting anything in return.

Come on you guys, this is truly Zambian and our benefits are unlimited. Let's make these guys heroes before they are (as usual) discovered by outsiders. Let's also make the American film crew feel at home by showering them with good words and gifts from FRIENDLY ZAMBIA.

My heart also goes out to the AMERICANO'S... welcome to Zambia and I wish it mesmerizes you and gives you an unforgettable adventure. Find time to get out and enjoy the nightlife or even on your free days to just mingle with the people where they hang out.

I wish to acknowlege from the crew the following people who had an instant impact on me. These are:
1. The English football player ALAN SMITH look alike, Shawn Downs.
2. Carlos Espinosa, not only cuz I like his name but he strikes me as a wonderful person and he handles his camera very professionally. You can see why he never spoke about a girlfriend in his biography.
3. Michael Montesa, another guy who's madly in love with his camera and I saw the combination between him and Carlos. Thanks for teaching me things (just by watching you guys) without you knowing there's a student.
4. M. K. Racine, a true marketeer (figure of speech), your smile and PR could put anyone in a joyous mood in an instant. I like you for that.
5. Gingher Leyendecker, I love you for your magic hands... talk about magic hands, you should see the magic on her hands, she's got these beautiful (must of been very sore) tatoos. This gal is gifted... she can draaaaaw man!
6. Cyndi Greening, the iron lady but also bags of fun and laughter. This lady has experience flowing out of her ears and if I could, I'd have a bag near her to pick up what overflows. How do I know? I dunno, just a gut feeling. I don't know her from a can of paint but I think I know what Jabbes feels (lucky dog). Good luck to you Cyndi and I wish you get the best out of the Africa tour (I know you will). We are grateful for your support.
7. Jeniece Toranzo, last but not the least. There must be a chemistry between us. I feel as if we met before. Besides her giving me a face lift she also gave me a new friend. Thanks a lot Jeniece but just get that camera outta my face please (ha ha ha).

Lastly, (phew, finally he's ending) I feel for all the crew and wish you guys a lifetime experience during your stay.

Looking forward to the next scene.

Gino... eh! sorry, Sotiris

I Can Do This

johnphan.jpgBY JOHNPHAN MVULA, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA, AFRICA – I have always been camera shy and I always said to myself that I couldn’t act. So when Uncle Jabbes told me that I was going be part of the film, my body started to shiver.

The few times I have been in front of the camera it has been with friends goofing around. After each shoot I have always insisted that the tape be erased. Now I know I cannot erase the tape. There is no going back. As I waited for my first time on the BAD TIMING set I kept telling myself, “I can do this. I can do this.”

Make-up on my face, microphone hidden in my jacket, lights on, camera rolling, the director called ACTION!

Then I was doing it! Everything went smoothly. The feeling I had was one I had never felt before. Everyone said that we did a good job. I am not sure if I was able to act well because I was trying to impress someone or because I just wanted to prove that “I can do this.”

August 16, 2006

Zambian Child Actress "Precious Bridget"


NCHIMUNYA SIABEENOU, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – My name is Nchimunya Siabeenou. I am in grade 5. Next year I will be in grade 6. I live in Mtendere. I am very, very happy because today I have seen many different things. I have been able to see the actors act and the crew shoot. I have been on the set from the first day. I love being on the set. Tomorrow I will be acting for the first time. I am very excited. Ginger also let me do a small art with her. I am so happy. May God Bless You.

Determined Dreamers

Benne.jpgBY BENNE BANDA, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA– This is such a great experience for me. It has been a long time since I have been in front of the camera. It has been fun seeing how a full scale production is run with all the cameras and equipment and crew.

Jabbes and I spent a lot of time together before he left for the United States. We talked about his dreams and plans for himself, the art community and Zambia. I learned that he is a very determined person. We talked about how to bring the film industry to Zambia. When Jabbes left he was the President of the National Association of Media Arts. After he left, I became the President.

Zambia is in dire need of such determination as Jabbes’, that would give it a place on the world map of the arts and film, especially that there has been a very poor film culture in this country. Such initiatives as this one if successfully accomplished would contribute grossly to the enlightenment of corporate and potential funding entities. If these get to know, then they would germinate some favor towards the film industry here.

Thankful for the Opportunity

chikuLeeNonde.jpgBY LEE CHAAGA NONDE, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA (CHIKU) – What I’d like to say about this say is that God has shown me what I want about life. I have always been dreaming about being in a production like this. When Auggie came to me and told me that Jabbes was coming with his crew to do BAD TIMING I talked to God and said, “Why can I not get this part? I really want this part. Then God answered my prayer and I got the part.”

I have gotten a lot of experience working on the local soap, Kobanana, I have always wanted to act with big men like Benne Banda Augusta. I have never acted with them in a production. Of course there are a number of new faces, Muneca, Annie (Muntinta), and Leena.

Of course, I like the foundation that Jabbes has laid. From there, I believe we will be able to see a number of productions in Zambia. I’ve come a long way in the system. I have a lot of experiences . It took awhile to break into the acting community, but now I feel like I belong and am accepted. I won best actor in National Theater Arts Association of Zambia twice. I would like to thank my fans for the support. I also want to thank my wife to be and my family.